ECT 2024

10-12 July 2024, Singapore

The 6th International Conference on

Electronics and Communication Technologies



Electronic Science and Technology

  • Circuits and Systems

Analog Circuits
Digital Circuits
Mixed Signal Circuits
Nonlinear Circuits and Systems
Filters and Data Conversion Circuits
RF and Wireless Circuits
Photonic and Optoelectronic Circuits
Low Power Design and VLSI Physical Design
Biomedical Circuits
Electronic Component

  • Electromagnetic and Microwave Technology

Basic theory of electromagnetic fields
Plane electromagnetic wave
Transmission line theory
Microwave transmission line
Microwave Network Basics
Common microwave components and antennas

  • Physical Electronics and Optoelectronics

Modern physics
Quantum electronics
System Test and Reliability
Electromagnetic Compatibility
Optoelectronic photonic devices
Power semiconductors, passive components and packaging technologies
Switch-mode power supplies and UPS
Advanced Technologies (i.e. MEMS and Nano-electronic Devices)

  • Microelectronics and Solid State Electronics

IC Design and Manufacturing
Power semiconductor devices and power integrated circuits
Semiconductor device reliability
Modern integration module and system integration technology
Power semiconductor devices and power integrated circuits

Information and Communication System

  • Signal and Information Processing
    Optical Fiber Communication
    Computer and data communication
    Satellite Communications
    Mobile communication
    Multimedia communication
    Signal and Information Processing
    Communication network design and management
    Communication Networks
    Wireless Communications
    Mobile Communications
    Infrastructure for Next Generation Networks

    Information & Communication
    Optical Communications
    Internet Technologies
    Communication Software
    Sensing and Sensor Networks
    Antenna and Microwave
    Modulation and Signal Processing for Telecommunication
    Information Theory and Coding
    Radar Imaging

    Communication Network and Systems
    Telematics Services
    Security Network and Radio Communication
    Satellite and Space Communications
    Emerging Communication Technology and Standards