International Conference on Electronics Communication Technologies
(ICECT 2019)

Co sponsored by IEEE and Seijoh University, Japan, technically supported by Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan, Xidian University, China, Cantho University, Vietnam etc, the International Conference on Electronics Communication Technologies (ICECT 2019) is to be held in Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan from December 20-23, 2019 as a workshop of WSCE 2019.

The FOUR DAY Conference is to provide a forum for discussion of electronics communication technologies and address the unique challenges of these fields. And attracts a multi-stakeholder attendance connecting electronics communication technologies and other stakeholders who are involved in the development.

We will be thankful for the contributions to ICECT 2019. We look forward to your participation and continued engagement at ICECT in Nagoya, Japan.

Topics of Interests (Read more)

  • Electronic communication and applications

  • Electronic communication and the internet

  • Digital media

  • Communication and advanced technologies

  • Virtual organization

  • E-citizenship, public opinion, participation and political commitment

  • Digital media and intermediate organizations

  • Virtual discursive space and political words

  • Serious games, video games and virtual world for educational goals

  • Technologies of information and communication for teaching

  • Participative journalism and civic journalism

  • Communication, information and electronic propaganda


  • Advanced technologies for communication systems

  • Social media applications

  • Computer-mediated communication

  • Online collaboration

  • Mobile virtual communities

  • Political marketing and the uses of electronic communication

  • E-government, local and informal forms of governance

  • E-learning, m-learning, and digital teaching

  • Reading and writing on screen, standards and electronic linguistic variations

  • Online journalism and socio-digital network

  • Internal communication and digital communication of brands


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